Portable, Robust Radioactive Isotope Identification

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Radioactive sign
Collaborators: Dr. Lane Owsley, Dr. Jack McLaughlin
Sponsors: DITRA, Dept. of Energy
For this project, I demonstrated a method to identify radioactive isotopes with low-complexity pattern recognition algorithms based on spectral similarity and information theory. Radioisotope spectra measured in realistic operating conditions, which include interference from naturally-occurring radiation, signal-attenuating shielding, and backscatter, could be identified by comparison to pristine simulated spectra. The developed method was robust across different types of environment and shielding, and applicable to different portable radiation detectors. The need for robust, portable, and easy to use radioisotope identification devices is increasing, driven by the competing demands for improved security and expedited commerce. In this context, the results of this research take on particular significance.